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Upload Art

Upload Directions

Customers requesting to send email art must fax a hard copy.

Please send in one of these formats:

pdf file - Adobe Acrobat 4.0

  1. include crop marks.
  2. all art must be sent in black.
  3. more than 1 color must be separated.

eps file

  1. fonts must be converted to outline.
  2. include crop marks.

Note: (eps is the best way to send art with more than 1 color)

The above files can be accepted via email:

We also accept 3.5 floppy disc, 5 1/4 floppy, CD-Rom and Zip disc (100mb).

Helpful Reminders

1. If you know that the job is going to be more than one color, convert all colors to Pantone or other color system spot colors before sending us the file. We suggest laser printing your color separations to ensure that the colors are on the correct plate.
2. Whenever possible, convert text to paths to avoid font issues. Always send the fonts in any case.
3. If you have any concerns about the information contained here, please call and ask to speak to our composition or preflighter.

Duplicate Files

Although we take great care to protect your data, mechanical failures and transport could conceivably damage your files.
Always give us a copy. Never give us your irreplaceable, original files.


Supply laser printouts that match the supplied electronic files.
Proofs must be provided at 100%
Supply composite printouts with color clearly marked, or print one page for each color (separations option turned on).

Hairline Rules

Hairline width rules cause issues in desktop publishing applications and output devices, they have no true definition of size. To avoid these issues make all rule lines .2 points or higher.


General Inquires may be emailed to
1211 Avenue F - Lubbock, Texas 79401 - 806-765-5541
800-666-3322 - Fax 806-765-0051