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Laser Check Paper

Laser Check Paper

Blue Checkstock
Reflex Blue

 Green Checkstock
Green, PMS 355

 Maroon Checkstock
Maroon, PMS 207

Standard Endorsement Backer

FORMATS: We can supply checkstock in the following formats:

Format 1      Check Top, Perfs at 3-1/2" and 7" from top
Format 2      Check Middle, Perfs at 3-1/2" and 7" from top
Format 3      Check Bottom, Perfs at 4" and 7-1/2" from top
Format 4      Check Top, Perfs at 3-2/3" and 7-1/3" from top
Format 5      Check Middle, Perfs at 3-2/3" and 7-1/3" from top
Format 6      Check Bottom, Perfs at 3-2/3" and 7-1/3" from top
Format 7      Check Top, One perf at 3-1/2" from top
Format 8      Check Top, One perf at 3-2/3" from top
Format 9      Check Bottom, One perf at 7-1/2" from top
Format 10    Check Bottom, One perf at 7-1/3" from top

All formats come with our Standard Endorsement Backer on the back of the check.

SECURITY FEATURES:   All checkstock comes with the following anti-fraud security features

VOID Pantograph  -  The word VOID pops out when an attempt is made to copy the check.
Chemical Sensitivity  -  The paper discolors if it is exposed to solvents.
Ghost Security Pattern  -  A ghost pattern is evident on the back of the paper if it is viewed at an angle.
Invisible Fluorescent Fibers  -   If the backer is exposed to black light, fluorescent fibers in the paper glow.

PRICE SCHEDULE:   Checkstock can be ordered in multiples of 1000 sheets, with a minimum order of 1000 sheets.

Quantity Price per Thousand


2,000-3,000 $50.40
4,000-7,000 $42.50
8,000-11,000 $39.45
12,000-15,000 $37.70
16,000-19,000 $36.50
20,000+ Place a custom job order

The price breaks are applied to the quantity ordered of each particular item (that is, each particular combination of a color and a format).  In other words, there is no combining of different items to get a quantity price break.

Freight is not included in the price.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

ORDERING CHECKSTOCK: To set up an account and place an order, call 1-800-666-3322.

General Inquires may be emailed to
1211 Avenue F - Lubbock, Texas 79401 - 806-765-5541
800-666-3322 - Fax 806-765-0051